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The Intrinsic Importance of Artistry in Making the World a Better Place

Unlike the other highly celebrated, lauded and respected professionals in different industries like doctors without borders saving countless lives around the world, lawyers fighting for truth and justice in front of the jury and judge as well as businessmen calling the shots in Wall Street, artists often get a bad rep and bum rap from ignorant people who think that they are wasting their lives. Just because they are not earning millions of dollars, driving around in Porsches and Ferraris or rubbing elbows with the rich and the famous in lavish parties and extravagant galas, it does not mean that they are not important cogs in the grand scheme of things because they capture the intangible concepts, aspects and facets of our daily lives that cannot be expressed in data sheets, figures and numbers. Therefore, they should be given the respect that they deserve because this world will turn into a barren, boring, lifeless and desolate place without their passion and talent.

                With that in mind, these artists can use their uncanny skills, wild imagination and unbridled creativity to create majestic 3D architecture models that will help transform this world and rebuild countries into something where the future generations can live together in peace and harmony without strife and scorn dividing them further apart. They can develop practical and innovative designs to build housing units that are not as expensive as towering skyscrapers, condominium units and residential complexes so that there will be no more homeless folks roughing it out on the mean streets as well as poverty-stricken people who are struggling to get out of the mortgage trap bleeding them dry. These grand designs will considerably give them a better fighting chance to change their life for the better and it might also lower the crime rate because people are not pushed to take drastic actions that they will surely regret for the rest of their lives.

                And when it comes to protecting Mother Nature and helping her recover from their terrible wounds inflicted upon her by greedy men who only think about their ulterior motives and selfish ways, artists can use their model ship building skills to create watercrafts and boats that can help clean up oceans, seas, lakes and rivers that are polluted with tons of garbage. This will help thousands of species of plants and animals get their natural habitat back so that ecosystems will thrive and flourish once again. And if they truly want to help lessen the aggravating effects of climate change and global warming, they can also design an oil rig model that taps into sources of natural resources and fossil fuels without harming the environment in any way.

                In conclusion, artists should be given the proper respect that they deserve because they are the dreamers with both the vision to show everyone how awful the world really is as well as the passion to make the necessary changes to make it beautiful once again. Instead of looking down on their talents, dismissing their limitless potential and shaking their heads in haughty derision because they are not as rich and wealthy as doctors or engineers, people should support the passion of artists to make the world a better place one step at a time in their own way.

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